Bed Bug Killer Kit


The Cimexine Bed Bug Killer Kit gives you what you need to gain control over a bed bug infestation



450 Desi Dust Bug Killer Powder
Bulb Duster Applicator with fittings
Specialist Bed Bug and Dust Mite Killer Spray 300ml
3 x Cimexine Bed Bug Monitors
10 x Cimexine Monitor Attractor Pads
3 x Monitor Cards

The Cimexine Bed Bug Killer Kit gives you what you need to gain control over a bed bug infestation. Don’t waste your money on kits based on amateur strength insecticides. Bed bugs are highly resistant to even professional strength insecticides. Amateur strength products that members of the public are permitted to buy will achieve little, or nothing. The Cimexine Bed Bug Kit is based around high grade powders and powder sprays that are proven to kill bed bugs using a physical process. When applied correctly the particles attach to the insects’ exoskeleton and work into its joints, damaging the outer cuticle and killing by desiccation. Bed bugs have no resistance to this. It is vital that the Bug Duster powder is applied finely so that the insects do not avoid it, and the kit includes the Cimexine Bulb Duster including several different attachments, allowing you to apply it deeply into hard to reach areas such as cracks in floorboards and sockets. The kit also includes Bed Bug and Dust Mite Killer Spray 300mly, allowing you to dry-in the required fine layer of killing dust to vertical and sloped as well as horizontal surfaces, such as the legs, framework and headboard of the bed where the bugs are most likely to harbour, and into other hard to reach nooks and crannies. This is fabric friendly. Our kit also includes three of our Cimexine Bed Bug Monitors including sticky attractor pads and monitoring cards. The monitors are easily set and easily checked, and are low profile so can easily slide under furniture and beds. Note that if your infestation is serious you will need a professional treatment. See, call us on 0207 416 6671 for more advice, or email .