Bulb Duster bed bug killer powder applicator
How to fill the Bulb Duster bed bug powder applicator.Bug Duster Bed Bug Killer Powder

Bed Bug Bulb Duster Powder Applicator

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The perfect applicator for CIMEXINE Bug Duster Bed Bug Killer and for any diatomaceous earth or ant powder product, allowing you to easily apply in the required fine, light layers for it to be effective and into the finest nooks and crannnies.

Product Description

The CIMEXINE Bed Bug Bulb Duster applicator is the perfect solution for applying Bug Duster Powder is the fine layers that are required for it to work effectively. Simply unscrew the cap and pour or spoon the powder into the applicator.

Screw the cap back on and fit one of the five funnel options which allow you to ‘puff’ the killing dust onto floors and carpets and into the fine nooks, cracks and crannies where bed bugs and other insects like to live by squeezing the soft, rubberised Bulb Duster body. Dug Duster Powder needs to be applied in fine, light layers so that the bugs walk over it and pick up the particles on their legs and abdomen.

If you put down too much, they can avoid it. Once they have done this, the particles work into the bug’s exoskeleton, cracking it open and killing them by desiccation. Bed bugs have no resistance to this process. Also perfect for applying ant powder and is the ideal diatomaceous earth applicator.